Who are we?

Long-lasting activity on the market that consists of such as the implementation of cooperative orders, collaboration with various industries has allowed us over time to gain extensive expertise in the area of mechanical processing of metals.

Our main focus is carrying out machining orders for: steel, aluminium, brass and machinable plastics.

Most often, we accept wholesale orders to be executed due to adaptation settings of our machine park.

We are suitable partner for Customers who order comprehensive products with heat treatment, galvanic treatment, chemical treatment as well as powder coating. Also, we provide high quality details making using laser cutting technique.

In the production process, we use modern CNC machines, such as CNC Miling Centers, CNC Turning Centers and Grinding Centers which allow us to produce and deliver high quality for our Customers.

The foundation of our company’s success in the industry is being specialized in the fields of mechanical production and responsibility that comes with it. We are suppliers for the machine market, automotive market, hydraulic and many more.

Over the years, our approach and prioritizing high quality has led us to develop cooperation with many Clients both in the home country and abroad.


We invite you to cooperation.